Designs by Pazzy Navarro: Where The Cool Kids Are

As a wannabe-designer and one of When In Manila‘s resident style writers, fashion is one of my many passions.  From the street chic of OXYGEN (one of my personal favorite brands) to the haute couture of Philippine Fashion Week, it’s a world I revel in, and nothing delights me more than discovering something new.  So when I got the chance to cover one of Empresario Manila‘s trunkshows for When In Manila last year, I was definitely excited.
For those not yet in the know, Empresario is a unique bi-annual fashion show and networking opportunity for grassroots designers to get some much needed PR and marketing for their brands.  It’s distinctly indie, hipster-cool vibe makes it a favorite with fashion-followers, who attend to get the scoop on brands before they make it big.  One of these brands caught my attention during the 2011 show, entitled Artists’ Playground.  The collection of designer Pazzy Navarro, with its sexy-yet-chic, vaguely vintage aesthetic, caught my eye instantly.
As if her clothes weren’t amazing enough, the woman behind the brand proved an inspiration.  Miss Pazzy juggles the demands of couture creation with the full-time job of raising her sons, earning the right to the title of haute mama.  Truly a mama at heart, Miss Pazzy was gracious enough to humour my fangirling, and when I told her my designer dreams, she surprised me by sending sample items from her collections!
Print and pearls: Pazzy Navarro defines the statement jacket with this green spade-print crop-jacket featuring slightly mutton-chop sleeves and broad shoulder pads to make a girl look ready to take on the world.

French connection: The rich tones of the jacket add an elegant European touch to an otherwise youthful piece, and when styled over a sleek, understated top and pant, bring Paris to mind.

Jacket: Pazzy Navarro
Pants: Topshop
Beret: Escada
Cuff: Ba Tik Shoppe
Top, pearls, pocketwatch: Model’s own

It girl: Pazzy Navarro‘s bold blue mini adds tucks to the hips to give the wearer a curvier, more fifties “Mad Men” waist.  Pair with statement accessories and flats in a similar shade for a striking on-the-go look.

Leg show: Contrary to popular belief, bold colors aren’t just for skinny girls.  The bright blue color, paired with dark stockings, creates a slimming effect.  And, with the skirt’s shape, curves are emphasized in all the right places.

Top: Amelia et Nicole
Skirt: Pazzy Navarro
Shoes: SM Ladies Department
Necklace: Ba Tik Shoppe
Belt (used as bracelet): Model’s own

Rock and roll woman: Animal print is one of those things that never goes out of style, and this Pazzy Navarro silky mini adds a unique twist to the trend by choosing a snakeskin print over the more common leopard or zebra pattern.  Paired with minimalist accessories and similarly-printed tights, the skirt becomes the clubbing piece, sure to turn even the meekest mouse into a rockstar.

Printed pride: The sexy snakeskin print of this Pazzy Navarro mini makes for a definite confidence booster when rocking this tough-girl outfit.

Top: Gap
Skirt: Pazzy Navarro
Tights: Leg Love by Kate Torralba
Cuff: Ba Tik Shoppe
Boots: Model’s own
These items are definitely going to become personal favorites for me (when I’m not having to comply with my school’s below-the-knee skirt-length dresscode), and I’m super excited to see more from Miss Pazzy!  Want to take home a Pazzy Navarro original?  Check out her homepage at
Check out this haute mama‘s Lookbook:
Follow her on Twitter:
Designs by Pazzy Navarro: Where The Cool Kids Are

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