[Poem] Get Back

And although you can see the elements from the original story, it does not feel the same

We’re like one tree 
that became two;
like loving in reverse.
Or like a solid land mass 
split apart by seismic action.
Remember, Pangaea fractured
to form the continents as we know them. 
So too might we reshape the world,
but at the price, perhaps, of one-ness.
Once, we talked into the mornings.
These days, my words are met with silences.
Our conversations seemed so short then,
now they’re painfully protracted;
more like playacting or ritual,
than those phoned whispers in the midnight dark:
anime giggles, pre-teen heart-to-hearts.
We blended then.  Now, the differences make stark
contrast: we’re strangers
who know each others names; or do we?
The ones we used to call each other
sound now like games of little girls.
But then again, that’s all we were:
immature, bound in colored string,
rose-colored glass, and plastic beads 
spelling out “Friends” and “Forever.”
I made them hoping we’d have them and remember
silly promises of dark angels and getting back
what was lost.  Did you lose yours
to a messy room and time?
Blame my memory and my jewel-boxes:
I could never lose mine.


I was supposed to sleep early tonight, or at least work on When In Manila stuff (which are looooong overdue), but an awkward conversation pushed me into writing this.  I have a best friend.  Had.  I’m not so sure now, though it’s no fault of hers: we just became too different, and I suspect that after putting up with me so long, she finally got tired (believe me, I know I was a handful and a half).

Before, we were like sisters, or at least, I thought we were.  Nowadays, we’re more like Marceline and Princess Bubblegum–once upon a time they were best friends, but now all that’s left are a few pieces of exchanged memorabilia and the memory of a memory.  Guh, emo, I know.  I should stop.  I’ve hair to curl and sleep to catch up on.

Goodnight, Blogosphere.

~ NC (The Vampire Queen.  Haha, yes, I am an Adventure Time fan now.  My OTP is FioLee, and I’ve a mild taste for Finnceline and Finn/13-year-old Bubblegum.  But that’s info for another post.)


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