Shoe Fetish Saturday: My Shoe Haul from Bloggers United 2

Today was my second workshop day for A Very ViARE Musical (working title).  It was amazingly fun, but very much exhausting, which was why instead of heading to the Bloggers United bazaar at four PM, I ended up falling asleep and heading to Treston College ridiculously near closing time, at eight.
I was worried that I’d miss out on fulfilling my 3K mission, to take home a haul of cool shoes, but thankfully though I had missed on on the biggest deals and steals of the day (Je regrette!), I did still manage to bring home a haul (literally) of shirts, skirts, and best of all shoes.  Here are my three insanely cheap steals for the night:
Formerly from the closet of A Shoe Tale‘s Vern Enciso, these black gladiator-esque heels are a bit beaten up, but no less chic.  A steal at Php. 350.00!
Not too sure who pre-owned these babies, but these soft brown peeptoe booties are a definite catch at Php. 500.00.
My most glamorous find: these black studded boot-esque heels from Renegade Folk cost a pittance at Php. 500.00.
I would have gotten more–believe me, lots of dresses caught my eye–but I didn’t want to go over budget and frankly I was out for cheap find instead of super cut-price branded shoes.  While I didn’t fulfill my mission of buying Blair Waldorf-ish shoes for my planned birthday shoot, these babies certainly do justice to the shoe fetish of the book Blair, even if they don’t fit the aesthetic of the television version.

All in all, despite my late arrival, the Bloggers United bazaar proved to be a pretty rewarding night.  The only problem though about taking a haul home is that you start longing for more.  I have become a certified bazaar-a-holic!  I’d better start saving up my Christmas cache–definitely hitting more tiangges and flea markets in the near future!

~ NC

The best part about being a Makati Girl versus a UES kid: Makati Girls aren’t afraid to bargain hunt.

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