LINK – Where have all the contraltos gone?

For a long time, I believed I was a contralto, simply because (and my Rep mates last year can attest to this) I can sing as low as a vague baritone before it becomes too low to be intelligible.  However, after checking and re-checking my actual range, I have to conclude that I am in fact merely a low mezzo-soprano (or a “pure alto,” in choral terms).  Still, reading an article like this does strike a nerve, because the bias towards higher-voiced singers is a definite reality.  To most people, the higher the voice of the female singer, the better the singer (and even better if she belts), especially in the Philippines, where there is an EXTREME soprano bias.

*sigh*  I would say more, but then I’m about to conk out.  Night night, people.

~ NC


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  1. Hi I am a true contralto presently being trained by member of Kathleen ferrier society who has been searching for a true contralto for over 3 years !! I went to see her and we did a few warm ups and songs and found my range and she was over ecstatic to find me. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about…but she says they are so rare and all the articles on the net seem to state this. But I am here. I'm due to sing in Leicestershire (loughborough in nov 2012 two Kathleen ferrier pieces. This is my first debut. Everyone thought I was a freak having a mans voice but I'm now proud I'm a Contralto


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