Crackfic: If Les Amis de l’ABC were from Dragon U…

*At Mozu Café*

Enjolras: Okay men, we begin the campaign at dawn tomorrow. Now, Feuilly, you coordinate the supplies. Courfeyrac, you help with the barricade–

*Courfeyrac, Joly, Prouvaire, Grantaire, and Combeferre raise their hands*

Enjolras: What?
Joly: …I’ve got a PRS paper due tomorrow, and I’m only halfway through.
Prouvaire: I’ve got PhilHist AND Paradiso, not to mention a meeting with my groupmates in Econ. Plus the Civ paper is due tomorrow…
Courfeyrac: It’s due tomorrow?
Prouvaire: I told you yesterday!
Courfeyrac: Merde! I’ve got an Ethics exam!
Combeferre: I’ve still got to get 50 more people to answer my English 3 survey. *Starts passing papers around* Help me out? It’s about how…

*ad lib topic mumblings, people start grabbing papers and taking out pens*

Enjolras: *sighs* And you, Grantaire?

*Grantaire looks up from his Bailey’s*

Grantaire: Shuttle run.

*everyone pauses, and there are groans of sympathy from all*

Enjolras: *sighs* Well, in light of the recent developments, shall we postpone the campaign, men?

*nods all around*

Enjolras: All right, meeting adjourned. If you excuse me…*takes out a huge stack of readings* I have to review for a PolThought final.

— Fin —

Crackfiction by NC


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