Wishes: A Truth Thursday From The Past

The following was once upon a time on my Multiply blog.


June 26, 2008

Truth Thursdays, people. Time to dig deep again.

Remember, you don’t have to directly answer the question, you could just be “inspired” by it. but better if you do directly address the prompt/question. remember the mechanics:

  1. Every Thursday, Stef/Taguan will post a question or a prompt on this blog and participants will write something that answers the question or was inspired by it. (or post pictures or artworks!)
  2. Participants who wrote something for that Thursday must leave a link on the comment box of that day’s prompt to let people know that they have posted.
  3. TRUTH THURSDAY must be on the Title of your entry, followed by the question (so people will know).
  4. This does not have to be emo– although these things tend to be a bit on the emo side, but TRUTH THURSDAYS are meant to be a fun way to bond through blog, and to get people writing and posting something meaningful and real. (disclaimer: this isn’t to say that you’re not doing so already!)
  5. No pressure. Just be inspired and post something!

This week, it’s

I Wish…


So let’s get started, shall we?


If only wishes could be dreams and only dreams could come true…


A dream is a wish your heart makes…


When you wish upon a star


I wish for nothing, I can get by…


I don’t wish for much. ‘Wishlist’ for me is usually a line-up of books I want to have but don’t have yet, or for the few gadgets I drool over (for example, the Olympus 1030 SW).

So it would be cute to compile I wishlist of non-material things. Here goes…



If wishing is useless then there’s no harm in publicizing what I wish for.

I wish for patience, especially in the morning.

I wish for tolerance, especially of young couples. (I am young too, but something about them…)

I wish for smiles, or that I will have a better one that doesn’t look quite so fake.

I wish for closure. I’d like to apologize to a few people. I need to do it face-to-face.

I wish for courage, especially about being physically alone in dark rooms.

I wish for intelligence, especially in trigonometry and physics.

I wish for tact. Lots of tact. Especially around guys. (subtext can be read, if one wishes to)

I wish for three good laughs, every day.

I wish for my paunch (I have one, OKAY?!) to get smaller.

I wish for more people to let me design their prom dresses, debut dresses, anything dresses.

I wish for perseverance to run after my dreams, screaming wildly.

I wish for more time, but not really.

I wish to make every second count, to make a difference.

I wish for a million and one things. I call them dreams (or wants). And there is nothing as tantalizing as an unfulfilled wish…because it could be fulfilled in the next minute or so.

I wish for a lot of things…but I don’t have time to tell them all!


Babaw. Sorry. I’m being rushed, sadly enough. Will make up for this next week!


I thought it was babaw when I wrote it. Reading it two years later, I realize it isn’t.

I think I might start participating in “Truth Thursday” again. I got a lot of good stuff out of those prompts. It’d feel good to get into a habit again. Plus the prompts have been getting good. Last week’s was “I AM CHOOSING.”

What am I choosing?

~ NC

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