My heels are killing me.

It’s you and me and the Tango tonight.
Moving backwards, my feet ache.
My head spins.
My eyes are blurry.
My heart’s in a vice, every step’s uncertain —
Yet I’ve got to make it look like I’m sure,
Like this is all natural to me.
It’s a careful masquerade when you’re up so close,
When the slightest twitch can let you in on the joke.
It’s a careful dance where I mirror you,
Every flick of your wrist, every passionate step.
I have to follow, I have to keep up.
I can’t make a mistake.
There’s this lump in my throat and the movements are sharp
And I have to admit I don’t know where this will go.
I’m afraid I will make a wrong move and step on your toe,
And you’ll drop me; I’ll land on the unforgiving floor.
I don’t want to dance with you like this.
I don’t want to dance with you.
I don’t want to dance.
I don’t want.
I don’t.
The End?

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