Tomorrow (poetry in SNOOPY NOTEBOOK)


Tomorrow I will bounce out of bed at sunrise
I will wear my favorite dress.
I will fix my hair and wear bright earrings.
I will put on my highest heels.
I will speak in exclamation points and sing-song my “Hello!”
If it rains, I will dance until my arms and legs give out.
If it doesn’t, I will dance until my head whirls and muscles spasm.
I will smile until my cheeks ache;
Give hugs until my arms are sore.
I will cry buckets and buckets of tears…
Because I laughed too hard at silly jokes.
I will sing loudly in the hallways, like always,
And I will smirk as if I have sweet secrets.
I will shrug every cold shoulder off with a roll of my eyes,
And I will swing my friends in my arms if I can lift them.
I will pose for photographs with dramatic flair.
I will compliment anything admirable.
I will force myself to take joy freely,
To smile even though I was tearful the night before.
Let yesterday mourn itself! Life’s too short and time is flying
On quick wings, and I will fly after it.
To hell with regret!
Let tomorrow come!
I will embrace it with open arms,
And my heart will be full to overflowing.
I have so much love and laughter to give.


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