TRUTH THURSDAYS #19: Bravery (Yes, she’s starting it again…)

This week’s prompt.





“This is going to sound really emo.”

“Oh, it’s you. What.”

“What brings me gladness, lately, is to cry. Is that sentence grammatically sound?”

“Not sure, but go on.”

“Oh, okay. Well, here’s the dish. You know how easy it is to make me cry, right?”

“One of those quirks of yours, like flirting only with people you don’t like or method acting.”

“Yeah, that. Well, what has been bringing me gladness…can I stop using gladness?”

“Go ahead.”

“Okay, so what has been bringing me happiness, which is a better word I think, this week is crying over silly things. Like…like the beautiful wording of a new storybook of Disney’s Cinderella…”

“You mentioned that yesterday. Go on.”

“Or an ending of a manga. You do know that manga are…”

“Japanese comics. Yes, I know. You mentioned the manga only a few minutes ago. Something like “Absolute Boyfriend” or some title like that.”

“You got it. Anyway, I’ve been crying over these things.”

“Don’t tell me, it’s love again, isn’t it?”

“You got me. You know no matter how sarcastic or caustic I appear to be, and I’m sure people are going to use this against me, I’m this big believer in true love. Not the at-first-sight crap…just true love.”

“You cry over a manga where a robot guy totally gives all his love to the girl who kind-of bought him. You really have to be addicted to that sort of tragic love whatever to cry.”

“It’s vaguely an addiction. It’s more of a catharsis. I’m addicted to that rush of feelings when I cry. It makes me feel human.”

“Isn’t it more like an emotional version of cutting yourself?”

“Nope. Because it isn’t a painful exercise for me. It’s not joy…it’s a moment suspended in time of crying for no reasonable reason, of allowing myself to vicariously experience the loss and love and all that stuff, of looking it in the face and knowing the lesson I learn is to move on.”

“So the crying helps.”

“Yeah, it helps. Probably lengthens my life a bit. I’m beginning to get too good at bottling up stuff until a later explosion.”

“I get it. So, what now?”

“What now? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get started on a story or something. Write this wave of tears out.”

“Lovely. Anyway, I’ve got to go.”

“Okay. See you. Bye.”



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